Us in 2009~2010

All of our latest pics, all here!

Zoo Family, August 10th:


Picking Blueberries, August 9th:

Will on his bday Razor Scooter

DinoKids outside the ice cream parlor


Will's 6th Birthday:

Mommy made Will's football cake:
red velvet iced with chocolate ganache

"Happy Birthday to you!"

Candle blowing!

Jocelyn & Sis got special
hair do's before Will's
party to celebrate!


More July:

Jackie, Bryce, Brayden, & Isabella
came to visit July 20-21

Cupcakes for Mommy's Birthday!


Beginning of July with Grandma & Grandpa:

Sprinkler Play with Grandma

Batting with Uncle Dave

Bucket Pedicures with Cousin Sara

Candy, candy, and more candy... the Brighton 4th of July Parade


Summer Kids:

Future Super Model

Space Station & SECOND Lost Tooth!

Will lost his first tooth on June 18th!
Summer Swimming Lessons:

Will taught himself to swim on June 17th:


Our last week in NC: Costumed Sis, Grandmommy, and then back to Tweetsie June 3rd:
One Day on Isle of Palms, May 27th:
Taylor's Finish Line Festival, May 23rd:

Joey Logano autograph

Denny Hamlin autograph

tobyMac concert!
Sis and then the Charlotte Nature Museum with Davidson friend Cindy & her children, May 20th:
Will & Sissy's 1st Trail Rides and Picking Strawberries, May 1st:
Opening Day at Tweetsie, April 30th:

Buffalo Will & Annelise Oakley
Annelise's 4th Birthday Party, April 25th:

Party Pets came and did an animal
demonstration with snakes, lizards, frogs...

...tortoises, bunnies, hamsters,
guinea pigs, and ferrets!

We made Sissy's Ariel Princess cake - 
butter almond bundt cake on top of two
layers of brownies (to make it tall enough!)...

...and Sis helped "clean up" her new
Ballerina Ariel doll from the middle!

Wen & Christa and our kids!
Susie's 10th College Reunion at Davidson, April 24th:

Playing Wild Recon with Mary Perrin's Anderson
Visiting Jackie & fam, April 1st: Grandmommy's 98th Birthday, April 18th:
St. Patty's Day Play Time, March 17th:

Fun in the spring sun along the riverwalk!
Winter & Montessori:

At Kohl Children's Museum, Jan. 31st

Sissy's Babe

Will pin-punched out ALL of the states &
countries on these maps and glued them
together by himself!

Both kids showing off at Mom's Nights
at Montessori, March 2nd & 3rd

Charlotte Christmas:

Playing with Uncle Andy

Pie decided she wanted to nap in the dog bed...
...and looked like an angel!

Riding the Cats train with LaLa

Loving Grandmommy
Brighton Christmas, December 18-20:

Sir William & Grandpa

Princess Peach & Grandma

Lemur Love
Sightseeing in Chicago with our friends from Romania, December 12th, 2009:

We took the train into the city!

Our clan: Eli, JB, Amy, Alec, Sues, Annelise, Will, & Cristian

Susie & kids out on THE LEDGE of Willis (Sears) Tower

Chicago at Eli & Will's feet...literally

Proof that Susie really went out on the glass ledge at the top of the 3rd tallest building in the world!

Chicago skyline in front of Adler Planetarium
(Willis Tower where we were at the top is the tallest black building behind us on the left.)
December 2009:

Gingerbread houses!

Will & Annelise with their classmates (& jingle bells!) at their Montessori Christmas music program, December 11th

So proud!
Naperville's Healing Field of Honor, Veterans' Day 2009:

2009 flags were placed this year in honor of our veterans.

Afterwards along the riverwalk
Zoo with Daddy, Saturday November 7th:
Halloween 2009:
Fall Fun, October 2009:

We baked mini pumpkin cakes for the Montessori bake sale!

This is the first house the kids have lived in with tress that produce massive amounts leaves!

On our neighborhood hayride, October 18th
Isle of Palms & NC Home, October 2009:
Will at Soccer Practice, End of August, 2009:
First Days of Montessori, August 2009:

Annelise's 1st Day of Preschool, Aug. 19th

Will's 1st Day of Kindergarten, Aug. 20th

Miss American Pie
Mid-August Fun:

If there's facepainting, the Blake kids are there.

Walking the prairie beside our neighborhood

Lemur love at the zoo

Millennium Park Sculpture in downtown Chicago

Front row seats to the Chicago Air & Water Show, Aug. 15th
Will's 5th Birthday Party, August 9th, 2009:
Chicago with LaLa on Will's real birthday, August 6th, 2009:

The Field Museum

 Boat cruise

Navy Pier

Susie's Birthday Girls' Night Out and Zoo Kids, July 2009:

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