Us in 2008~2009

All of our latest pics, all here!

Will's 2nd T-Ball Season, May 26th - July 23rd, 2009:
Lauren's Wedding July 4th and at Grandma & Grandpa's house:
Home to NC!!! June 2009:

Uncle David took us fishing on his bass boat!
Sissy caught one & then lounged on the boat with Mommy... 

...while Will caught 8 more!

Tweetsie was even MORE amazing than ever: Will (& Mommy) got to ride up *in the engine* with our buddy, Engineer Scott!!!


Will has turned us into a NASCAR-fan family, and since Susie is as die-hard for the Redskins as they come, we're Joe Gibbs Racing fans. :-)

We went to the JGR race shop, got to see where they work on Kyle, Denny, & Joey's cars, and got to inspect some race damage up close.

Grandaddy took Sissy back to Sweet & Sassy for another day of beauty!


We got to spend all Saturday with Wendy, Roberto, & baby Alex. We visited Gandmommy...

...and ended up back at my parents' house for dinner and hanging out until kids' bedtimes! 
Will's Montessori Production of "Three Piggy Opera", May 29th, 2009:
The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum with the Uhlers, May 12th, 2009:
Annelise's 1st Dance Recital, May 9th, 2009: (Video clips here!)
Annelise's 3rd Birthday, April 25th:

Sis mixed her own cake!

With best friend, Paige

Driving with Daddy
Brookfield Zoo, April 17th:

We rode the train to get there!

EASTER 2009! Saturday Egg Hunt at Church and Easter Morning:


Downtown along the river
March 11th - Pretzel Twist 'N Topping at Kim & Scott's in the Kohl and March 14th - Marching in & celebrating the St. Patrick's Day Parade:
Winter Playtime! February & March 2009:
At the DuPage Children's Museum right here in town:
Seeing MI friends Jocelyn & Jason Phelps and Ryan & Ewan Palfreyman:
Seeing Our New Sites: Kohl Children's Museum, Shedd Aquarium, & Adler Planetarium, January 17th & 19th, 2009:
Annelise's 1st Day of Pre-Tap, January 9th, 2009:
Saying Goodbye, Christmas in MI & NC, and New Year's 2008:

Our last bubble tea at Ginger with Jocelyn & Jason Phelps, Dec. 18th

Bye to Ewan & Ryan, Dec. 20th

Blake Family Christmas in MI
Dec. 20th-22nd

With cousin, Sara

BFF Get-Together at home in NC, Dec. 27th!
Sues, Wendy, Christa & ALL our kids

Will, Sis, Alex, Kynzie, & Carter

Meeting real reindeer...

...and Miss Jane, an 65 lb. catfish!

Introducing Wendy's new Alex to Aunt Frances, Grandmommy...

...and LaLa! Dec. 30th

Grandaddy gave Sissy a "Sparkling Snow Angel" beauty morning at Sweet & Sassy for Christmas, so she looked like a rock star on New Year's Eve in NC!
Special to share:
Seeing Santa! Will's school pic
Touring the Plymouth Police Station, November 18th, 2008:

We went with our friends, Ewan & Ryan.

The patrol car was the biggest hit!
Election Day! November 4th, 2008:

The kids waited in line with us to vote. JB had the day off, & it was such an exciting, important family affair! We always bring them to vote.

We vote in the little white 1800's schoolhouse above at the front of our neighborhood - how fantastically Americana is that?!

The kids had a ball trick-or-treating, and we were so blessed to have an almost 70 day!
No winter coats or turtlenecks!
The Last Game of the T-Ball Season - October 18th, 2008:

Will got to play catcher 2nd inning - thumbs up!

He received his 1st trophy!

Roasting marshmallows that night with the Phelps
Pumpkin Patching! October 17th, 2008:
Home to NC and up to Tweetsie on October 12th, 2008:

Our good friend, Engineer Scott!


Back home in Charlotte, we got to eat lunch at the Speedway Club & watch the big NASCAR race preparations!

We also did a pumpkin hayride around the corner from LaLa & Grandaddy's house
Fabulous Farmer's Market Face Painting! September 28th, 2008:
Will's First T-Ball Team, the Twins - August through October, 2008:
Will's 4th Birthday Party, August 8th, 2008:

Will wanted me to make him a big train cake, again, this year!
The Tiny Tot Olympics, August 8th, 2008:
They had 8 "events" set up for kids ages 2-6, and at the end, everyone got a gold medal!

Will's (pool noodle) javelin throw

End of July 2008:

Tina, Sues, & Hayley out to lunch for Susie's birthday!

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