Will ~ Year TWO:

August 6, 2006 ~ Will's 2nd Birthday Party!

Will had an amazing day with all of his favorites, playing in the pool with duckies, eating pizza & cake:


End of July and August 5, 2006 ~ Silly Will and the SplashPark with Grandaddy!

Someone stole Sissy's swing and her pa!

Will is very into arranging.
(See Apple Jacks above for proof.) 

Why can't I drink out of Bonnie's bowl, too?

July 16, 2006 ~ SplashPark Playtime and Loving Sissy


July 15, 2006 ~ Downtown Detroit

In front of Daddy's office (the Ren Cen)

Lunch at Pizza Papalis

July 13-15, 2006 ~ Bryce & Family came to visit!

Dinner at Don Pablo's

More, please?

Born to drive at GM World!


First Week of July 2006

Our new double stroller on a neighborhood walk

Silly Scholar Will

June 2006 ~ Riding the Sesame Fire Truck with Jason; Being Big Brother


Memorial Day Weekend


May 2006 ~ Park Playtime; Splashing in the Water with Grandaddy in NC; Family Love; Big Bro Snuggles


Big Brother Will!


Easter Will 2006 ~ The Marshmallow Drop, Easter Morning, and pro pics with a LIVE bunny, too!  Heehee!

Here comes the helicopter!

It really did drop thousands of marshmallows!

Easter morning happiness: a basket of empty plastic eggs makes better toys than anything!

The BIG Move ~ February 24th through March 2006

Hiding from the movers in the china cabinet

Escaping the stress of moving with Sesame Street and best friend, Bryce, in West Virginia

Riding Bryce's motorcycle

Passed out in LaLa's arms ~ both Grandmommys were his saving grace over the move!

Apparently, disdain for cleaning is genetic.

Will's new cubby hole in our new house stairwell

Bonnie is still Will's closest companion.

Big boy in his big boy bed!

King of his new castle

Anything Sesame Street can halt us in our tracks...for ages!

February 2006

With Bonnie (& big hair) in the backyard ~ 2/16

Oatmeal for breakfast, (still with big hair) ~ 2/17

Post-hair cut playtime ~ 2/20

Christmas Travels 2005!

Christmas in Charlotte
With Jason Phelps and parents in Michigan
Christmas in Michigan
With friends in Pittsburgh and West Virginia

December 16, 2005 ~ Will's First Sports Car:

Exasperated in traffic on the way home

Daddy got to bring home the new Pontiac Solstice convertible roadster for a few days... and Biggie took it over!

Santa 2005!

Walking up to the Big Man
Will loved Santa, again, this year.
Such a relief! So glad we went early in
the season, before Santa got jaded and
there were any lines. Santa had as much
time to spend with Will as he wanted,
and the two of them completely
cracked each other up!

November 2005 ~ 15 months old

November 10 - at friend Aidan's house


Will's 2nd haircut - he sat still...as long as we kept spraying water from the mister into his mouth!

Feeding Dada chips at our fave Mexican restaurant

Helping Dada "carve" the turkey

Post-Thanksgiving meal

In the glow of the Christmas tree

With Grandma & Grandpa outside on his early Christmas present

October 31st, 2005 ~ Halloween Night Trick-or-Treating!

Will was a beagle and mommy was a princess!

We went to several friends' houses in our neighborhood.

Will really got the hang of grabbing as much as he could in one handful out of the candy bowls!

Hands full!

He kept trying to escape the wagon!

Skittles are fun to shake!

What sound does a dog make? Woof, woof, woof!

Home, again, with Bonnie kisses. Look - we have TWO dogs!

Finally costume-free and loving LaLa, who came down from Charlotte to celebrate with us!

October 19th, 2005 ~ Filling Daddy's Shoes and Eating Gelato


October 12th & 15th, 2005 ~ Pumpkin Patching and Helping Daddy Mow!


First Week of October 2005 ~ Vacation!

Isle of Palms rainbow

Exploring the Angel Oak Tree

On the run...

Loving Great-Grandmommy!

Will cannot get enough of
his best friend, Bonnie. He
will run and hop up on any
couch where she's resting
and hug & kiss her...until
she's had enough and
runs away!


End of August 2005 ~ Monster Truck Exploration and Driving!


August 20 & 21, 2005 ~ In Philadelphia for Pete & Beth's Wedding and to see Holly & Mike:

Battling dinosaurs at the Academy of Natural Sciences

Pizza lunch!

August 16 & 17, 2005 ~ Will's First Haircut and First Ice Cream Cone (all to himself):

Not too pleased, because obviously...

...he wanted to do it himself!

August 6 & 7, 2005 ~ Will's First Birthday:

Will's sandcastle birthday cake

Up close and personal with the animals...

...at the Yellow River Game Ranch!