William Wallace Blake

Born August 6th, 2004 at 12:32 am ~ 7 lbs. 1.4 oz., 18.5" long

2nd Week of July  2005 ~ 11 months old ~ Myrtle Beach, SC ~ With Jackie & Bryce; Mr. Sand Face; Out & About

June 24, 2005 ~ 10 months old ~ Mary and her parents, Bratton & Shannon, came to visit

June 12, 2005 ~ 10 Months ~ In NC

Great-Grandmommy giving Will Cheerios

Will has a water fetish, (esp. if it's in a dog bowl.)

May 27-30 2005 ~ Bryce and Jackie came to visit over Memorial Day

The boys take a break from dancing in front of the TV to check on the mommies' whereabouts

First time brushing his own teeth!

Magazine hound at Barnes & Noble

 May 21-22,  2005 ~ 9 months old ~ Backstage at Mommy's dance recital; Running around the house

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Taken Mid-May 2005 at 9 months
(1.6 MB)

Taken Mid-May 2005 at 9 months
(2.9 MB)

Taken Early February 2005 at 6 months

Beginning of May 2005 ~ 9 Months

Will knows who Bonnie is: when she comes to the door and we ask, "Where's Bonnie?" he goes right over to her at the door!

Our little sommelier!

Susie's first Mother's Day

 April 15-17,  2005 ~ 8 months old ~ Isle of Palms, SC ~ Will's 1st Beach, and Mommy & Daddy's 3rd Anniversary

March 16 - April 6,  2005 ~ 7 to 8 months old ~ Spring, Easter, Crawling, Best Friends...

Beautiful Spring in our backyard

Best friends, Bryce & Will

Bryce attacking Will with love

Bonnie helped Will learn how to crawl... barking and enticing him closer...

...and now he's all over the place!

First Easter Bunny ~ March 24th

First Easter basket!

Pulling up and standing anytime, anywhere

First hockey stick - he LOVED it!

March 13, 2005 ~ Bonnie, Buddy, & his Biter Biscuit; Daffodil Exploration; Reading with Daddy; Look at my FIRST TWO teeth! (bottom gum, center)

February 2005 ~ 6 Month Professional Portraits by Photography by Lisa

Are these not the cutest things you've ever seen in your life?!

I highly recommend Lisa to anyone in this area! She is fabulous! 

February 12 & 18, 2005 ~ First Rice Cereal, Big Boy Crib, and Grandmommy & Granddaddy visit

"How you doin'?"

Swinging with Grandmommy & Granddaddy

Superbowl Sunday at the Jarrell's ~ February 6, 2005 ~ Exactly 6 Months Old:

Playing with best friend, Bryce

Family Playtime ~ End of January 2005 ~ 25 Weeks Old:

First of the New Year in North Carolina ~ January, 2005 ~ 22 Weeks Old:

Grandmommy helping Will pet their big beagle, Buck

Will is rolling over, playing with his toys
and feet like a champ!

Bonnie Blue & the BudBud, actually napping together!

Pittsburgh Visit ~ December 29, 2004 - January 1, 2005 ~ 21/22 Weeks Old:

Meeting the Smiths and the Parkers
(Sawyer & Liz Smith, Holly Parker, Will & Mommy)

Playing with new friend, Sawyer

Meeting new friend, Gianna

Christmas in Michigan ~ December 26-28, 2004 ~ 21 Weeks Old:

Meeting Lauren

"Christmas in MI" morning
Daddy, Mommy, Will, Aunt Tam, Uncle Dave

The Blakes

Meeting new friend, Jason, and his parents, Tina & Adam

Christmas in North Carolina ~ December 24-25, 2004 ~ 21 Weeks Old:

Will has become obsessed with glasses!

Together with Wendy

Christmas Eve at Great-Grandmommy's house


Playing with present bows on Christmas morning


December 10-17, 2004 ~ 19 Weeks Old:

Holiday shopping at the mall for Daddy

Baking Christmas cookies

Meeting baseball Hall of Famer Phil Niekro

First week of December, 2004 ~ 4 Months/18 Weeks Old:

Very first time on Santa's lap, and smiling, too!

Will loves his blue puppy

Grabbing at toys!

Thanksgiving Weekend ~ November 28, 2004 ~ 16 Weeks Old:

Mid-November 2004 ~ 13-15 Weeks Old:

We put our tree up a weekend early, so we could have it all ready to turn on when we got back from Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 2nd - 12.5 Weeks Old:

Will's first Election Day! He waited so patiently for over two hours with us in line ~

Sunday, October 31st - 12.5 Weeks Old:

Will's first Halloween Night! He held his own candy and dropped it into his own bag by himself ~

Friday, October 22nd - 11 Weeks Old:

Will's first party: a Halloween fete ~

Will is a pumpkin this Halloween;
Bryce is a sweet pea

Weeks Eight and Nine:

With best friend, Bryce

Getting the boys' birth certificates

Joyous pumpkin-ing!

Weeks Six and Seven:

At our favorite Mexican restaurant

First time at the movies!

Sleepy Superman arms

Riding beside best friend, Bryce

Weeks Four and Five:

Weeks Two and Three:

Birth through Week One: