Baby GIRL Blake ~ Due May 5th, 2006...
...arrived early! Look back on her pregnancy here:
Here's a quick peek with the name letters I made and hung for her:
Baby Face
We got a late-term ultrasound on March 20th, since Susie is a new patient up here, and it was AMAZING to see Annelise's face like this! (Her hands are clasped up by her cheek on the left.)
Her name will be...Annelise Louise Blake!
(pronounced "Annaleece") ~ Annelise, because we wanted something very German and elegant; Anne is also Susie's mom's name, and Lise is a German derivation of one her all-time favorite names, Elizabeth. Louise, because it's Susie's middle name, her mom's middle name, her grandmother's middle name... We can't break tradition!
Goodbye Shower...
Susie's friend, Lindsay, threw her & Annelise a little baby shower/going-away party Saturday, February 18th.

Cutting the "Annelise" cake!

Caroline, Amy, Susie, and Lindsay...
An intimate group made for lots of time to talk!

Such thoughtful, sweet things!.
Baby Gear!
Everyone's most excited for "the stuff"...which is OK by us, because we love looking at it, too!

Her nursery bedding (thanks to LaLa & Grandaddy!)
is Pottery Barn Kids Sunflower pattern -
lavender and yellow

JB gave me this lavender wall hanging for my birthday, and now we agree it's perfect for her room! (Hey, I can share.)
My Registry    
We broke down and registered, again, too.
Frequently Asked Questions:
* Was this a surprise? - YES! We weren't exactly trying, but we weren't not trying, either. We definitely wanted to get pregnant before November!
* When did you find out? - Saturday afternoon, September 10th, 2005
* Has Susie felt any different this time than when y'all were expecting Will? - YES! This time around, the first trimester was much rougher. Over six weeks of serious nausea this time, as opposed to three weeks of mild icky-feeling with Will. Not fun.
* When did Susie first feel #2 move? - Friday, November 18th, 2005.
* When did you find out the gender? - Tuesday, December 13th, 2005. What an early Christmas present, huh?
* When did Susie start wearing maternity clothes? - Right at 25 1/2 weeks. Way later than a lot of people, especially for the second time around, but she's not complaining. She just popped all of a sudden!
Get in on the action!
Go to and enter our game name: Doo-way
Guess our #2's stats, just for fun!!! Come on, you KNOW you want to! (It's free, private, all that jazz...)

Ultrasound Pictures!

 The pictures from Tuesday, December 13th were awful. We even had to go back to get re-checked on Monday the 19th, they were so poorly done. The ones from the 19th were great, though, and we had the best ultrasound tech! Will had her wrapped around his little finger!
Monday, December 19th, 2005

20 weeks, 3 days old

Her arm is up waving and her face is turned toward us.
Profile waving at Will!
She looks like she's blowing kisses!

Wednesday, October 19th, 2005 - (We did the green highlighting on the ones below, so you can see where she is and what's what.)

11 weeks, 5 days old
Look closely at the face, and you can actually see eyes, nose, and a mouth! Astounding! We had no idea the definition at this point.
Thursday, September 15th, 2005

Around 6 weeks old