Baby BOY Blake ~ Due August 2004

Look back on our pregnancy journey below...

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Frequently Asked Questions:
* Did you plan to actively try? - Exactly! (Thank you, Taking Charge of Your Fertility!)
* When did you find out you were +? - Tuesday morning, December 2nd, 2003, (courtesy of First Response.)
* Has Susie been really sick? - Thank goodness, no. She was really queasy for 3 weeks (from 5.5 through 8.5 weeks pregnant) but never actually got sick. During the second trimester, she had bursts of energy, but now she's really tired, again, and she gets out-of-breath very easily.
* When was your first ultrasound? - At our very first big OB appointment at 6 weeks, December 19, 2003.
* When did you first hear the baby's heartbeat? - At our 10 week appointment, January 16, 2004.
* When did Susie start showing enough that anyone could tell she's actually expecting? - At 22 weeks - a little later than most, but she's not complaining!
29 Weeks ~ End of May:
26 Weeks ~ Beginning of May:
Will is Finally Big Enough to Show at 23 Weeks:
Ultrasound Pics at 19.5 Weeks:
These first two are of his face – you can see his skull, eyes, nose, (very skeletal.) You can also see his hand diagonally right below his chin.
Below is the “proof of boy” – I added that blue on there, so you can tell “what’s what.” Heehee!

Initial Euphoria:

Two lines = positive! December 2, 2003

Our first ultrasound - Baby was just a tiny blob between the two tiny + signs. (We could see much more detail live, though.)
Telling Our Families:

We told Susie's parents with Susie there live in NC, JB saying "Hi!" over the phone, and then Susie dropping pics of the positive tests in their laps.


We told Susie's grandmommy, brother, and the rest of her family on Christmas by showing them our first ultrasound picture.


We made "Grandfather/Grandmother/Aunt/Uncle-To-Be" T-shirts for JB's family and had them open them all together as soon as we arrived for Christmas there!