We currently offer six different styles to choose:
  Korkers ~ the famous curly-queues, offered in big poofs - $8,
medium poofs or tiny twin sets - $6
Pony Strands ~ several ribbon styles cascade down along side your pony tail for a mature next step beyond bows - $6
  Loopy Bows ~ up to 3 ribbons looped and looped for a
fun and finished look - $8 (2 colors) or $10 (3 colors)
Standards ~ any traditional bow for any outfit ~ dress it up with fancier ribbon! $5-$10, depending on size and ribbon styles
  Punky Bows ~ the spunkier sister of the Loopy, festive punky bows look almost like pom poms! Offered in modest - $4 per bow, & giant size - $6 per bow Floofs ~ nothing is as classic yet makes a gorgeous statement like a tuft of marabou, offered in small - $4 and large - $6 

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