Us in 2006~2007

Now that our family has expanded, we have more to show with both kids together, as well as a little parent fun! Come here to see our family and sibling exploits. (The kids' individual pages are still updated with pics and events that are just theirs.)

July 14 & 16, 2007:

Eating raspberries faster than we could
pick on a chilly-but-delicious morning!

Polar bear cowboy!
End of June, Beginning of July 2007:

Chillin' with Jason

Tina & Sues (with Annelise & Jocelyn) had
an All-Girls Afternoon with tea and pedis

Ewan and Will saw Jasen Magic's
magic show at our local park


We went strawberry & sugar snap pea picking!
Liberty Fest! June 16th, 2007:
Meeting Joyce Meyer, July 15th, 2007:
A Day out with Thomas at our ultimate family favorite, Tweetsie Railroad, June 6, 2007:
NC, June 2-13, 2007:

Summer fun in the kiddie pool and yard with best neighbor friend, Kendall 

Sis, Sues, Will, Wendy, & Christa 

Skittles riding with Bella

Wagon fun with Grandaddy
Stoops came up to visit us! May 25-27, 2007:
May 2007:

Climbing Sis even tries to climb up onto the table when the chairs are pushed all the way in...
and then fusses when she gets stuck.

Will's greatest daily joy, (and Mommy's, too!) -
his train table
Saturday, April 7th, 2007:

Pancake Breakfast, Easter Egg Hunt,
and Puppet Show for the kids at church!

March 2007:

A blessed early warm spell let us play at the park.

Watching Bonnie in the side yard, right before the deck was built.


Visiting Grandma & Grandpa Blake in Florida ~ March 9-12, 2007:

Photog Will

Sharing with Sissy


Tammy & Sara with Susie & Annelise

Kids and Cousins
February trip to NC ~ good for the soul:

Playing with Grandaddy

Matching jammas

Snow Play ~ February 17, 2007: We all 4 got suited up and went outside to play in the snow. Surprisingly enough, Will was sick of it quickly. I thought wed have to drag him in, but as soon as he got a little bit on his neck from a snowball, he was done. His favorite part was eating the snow, followed closely by riding back and forth in front of the house on our awesome sled. Annelise did better than we thought. I was worried shed be irritated, bundled up so tightly; but apparently, being a tiny fashionista in her Ralph Lauren Polo snowsuit was worth it! (Yay, Mommys girl! Haha!) She actually loved sledding with Will so precious.
Dinnertime Antics ~ January 30, 2007:

Dinnertime...or playtime?


"You talkin' to me?"

Christmas at home in NC ~ December 23-30, 2006:


The joy of Christmas morning!


Annelise and her Uncle Andy


Dancing with LaLa!

Basking barefoot in the 70 sun on Saturday, the 23rd. God bless that place. We soaked up every blessed ounce of vitamin D we could for the winter. (It was between 40-60 the rest of the time - perfect for winter in my book.)

With "Aunt" Wendy!

With Great Aunt Frances and Great-Grandmommy

Playing piano with LaLa

Early Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa Blake:

Painting pottery with the kids' handprints for Christmas:

SANTA 2006!

Best buds huddling together before
the first snowflakes of November
Celebrating Daddy's Birthday (a little early):

OUR FAMILY! October 25th portrait:
Halloween 2006!
At Coffee Lounge Playgroup:

Halloween Night & Trick-or-Treating:

Beach Vacay! Isle of Palms, SC ~ September 23-30, 2006:

Blake Fam: Dave & Tammy's picnic shower and dinner with Great Aunt Peggy & Great Uncle Jim ~ September 16 & 19, 2006:

2nd Week of September 2006:

August 25th, 2006 ~ A Day Out with Thomas and grandparents at Huckleberry Railroad

August 5th, 2006:

Dinner at our fave - Mongolian Barbeque - when LaLa and Grandaddy came to visit for Will's birthday.

(It's exponentially harder to get family pics with everyone looking pleased now. Heehee!)
July 31st, 2006:
Tina & Susie had a Mommy's Afternoon Out. We let the kiddies play together while the dads hung out with a movie, and we went to a full high tea by Traveling Tea Time!
From Liberty Fest, June 17th, 2006:

We had the kids' handprints
done together in this awesome
ceramic plaque.